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Programs and Services


NAM believes our collective voice will have an impact leading to changes that better support our communities and our territory. We work to bring our collective views together, to prioritize the areas of most concern, to develop meaningful resolutions and to organize events that reach out to other levels of government.

Based on resolutions passed by member communities at each annual general meeting, NAM arranges meetings, performs research, commissions reports, and produces communications materials to assert and advocate for the position of community governments and their residents. Copies of NAM Resolutions are sent to all relevant parties, and the responses are recorded and monitored for implementation. NAM further undertakes advocacy efforts on behalf of Nunavut communities through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). Actively participating in the Northern and Remote Forum, NAM takes every opportunity to meet with elected officials at the federal level to promote the interests of Nunavut communities and to maintain open channels of communication.

Programs and Services


NAM believes working together is critical to help our territory grow and our communities to be successful. NAM collaborates with its members, other levels of government and stakeholders.

We will get together to discuss common issues, share best practices, enhance our skills by learning from each other and from speakers that share their experiences and knowledge with us, meet with government and industry partners, and pass resolutions in the interests of communities.

This meeting of the 25 leaders and administrators of Nunavut, provides the place where the voices of municipalities are heard, and establishes advocacy priorities for NAM for the year ahead.

Programs and Services

Capacity building

NAM believes that a municipalities’ ability to fulfill its mandate is through a blend of sound management, strong governance, and dedication to assessing and achieving results.  Once this is done, it increases the potential for leaders to enrich the lives and solve their communities most difficult challenges.

Purchasing Program

  • A Purchasing Program will offer member communities major discounts on the purchase of a wide range of supplies needed for running a community government.
  • Significant discounts are available on a wide variety of supplies, including:
    • Traffic signs/supplies
    • Fencing and posts
    • Welding equipment/supplies
    • Office supplies
    • Bulk fuel tanks
    • Tires and auto parts
    • Construction equipment/supplies
    • Lubricants
    • Janitorial equipment/supplies
    • Grader blades
    • Safety equipment
    • Chemicals

Advisory and Support Services

NAM Members can access assistance in advisory services in the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Finance, Management and Planning Advisory Services
  • Training and support of Elected Officials
  • Support of CAO/SAO’s
  • Assistance in Job Search for SAO/CAO’s
  • Consultation and research on behalf of Members
  • Information sharing and facilitation of discussion on common interests
  • Participation in national advocacy through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Land use planning
  • Communication
  • Data Management
  • Procedural/governance support
  • Proposal writing
  • Assistance in the orientation of new SAO/CAO’s
  • Website

Special Projects & Programs

NAM will collaborate with partner organizations on projects that promote wellness in Nunavut communities.